This page is dedicated to our heros of the Vietnam war, our Vets and our POW-MIA's.  I've chosen a light background versus the dark background you see on so many web pages dedicated to these causes.  Light symbolizes hope, dark symbolizes doom and despair.  I still think there's hope in finding out what really happened to our POW-MIA's. Let's do our part.  Lets hold our government more accountable for real answers from Hanoi.

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I spent several months in the glorious country of RSVN.  More than most; less than some.  I did time with MAG-16, HMM-263 and VMA(AW) 242. I was just a plain ole' jarhead trying to do good. I didn't do anything to distinguish myself or any of that other silly stuff. I had some good times and some bad times.  Only the good ones seem to stick around today.  Drank a lot of booze and swapped a lot of lies. I just tried to do a good job, have some fun and stay alive.

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I, like most of us, lost friends and buddies in the war.  I lost my best friend in high school in Nam.  He name was Dale Gene Smith.  I named my youngest son after another life long friend that was killed. I realized then any of us could die. I knew there was a bullet out there with everyone's name on it.  I realized there was a little slant eyed yellow bastard out there who could kill me. I couldn't blame him for wanting to stay alive.

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I made long lasting friends as well.  My ole' hooch mate Mike Pearl is one.  We lost each other for many years and found each other again a few years back.  We are just as tight today as we were back in Nam.  We'll still do anything anywhere anytime together.  We've had the good times!  Rusty Nails forever!

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